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What is a Dedicated IP? Find out if a dedicated IP is right for you.

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What is a Dedicated IP?

An IP is an internet address, think of this as your ‘From’ or ‘Return to Sender’ address.

A dedicated IP is an address that is used and unique to a single company, organization, or sender, compared to a shared IP which is an address used by a group of senders. Think of this as the difference between an address for a house versus an address for an apartment building.

Do I need a Dedicated IP or Shared Pool IP?

A large myth in the email marketing industry is that a Dedicated IP means better deliverability. While this may be true with other email marketing platforms, here at Maropost our Deliverability team (with experience of 30+ years) monitors every IP, shared or dedicated, to ensure best practices are in use and the highest degree of deliverability is met for each customer.

Having a Dedicated IP can benefit some business based on their email needs. Coordinating high, timely or frequent volume sends on the shared IP bandwidth can be tricky, therefore as a rule we ask customers who are sending 300,000 emails monthly or more use a dedicated IP.

Who is eligible for a Dedicated IP?

All customer’s that send 300,000 emails or more monthly automatically qualify for a dedicated IP. Below 300,000 monthly emails, makes it difficult to establish an IP’s reputation and can become more difficult to maintain than a shared IP pool.

We understand every rule has exceptions, and we are also willing to provide IPs for business’ who needs are not so black-and-white. If you fall into this category, please contact us to further discuss your IP qualification.

Warm Up

Before you start using your new dedicated IP to send thousands of emails a day, there needs to be a warm-up to build your sender reputation. An ISP that is deciding on whether your email should go to the inbox, the junk folder or blocked all together does not care that you need to send to your entire list NOW. Their primary concern and responsibility are to their subscribers and keeping spam from reaching them and/or overloading their own servers.

JetSend’s proprietary IP warm up is customized to each customer’s needs. The warm-up process can take between 2-6 weeks where our deliverability team will guide you through set daily sending limits, creating proper feedback loops and monitoring your metrics. By the end of the warm-up we guarantee the highest deliverability and a pristine sender reputation.

Getting Started

Once your dedicated IP is purchased, a member from JetSend’s deliverability team will reach out with instructions on how to set up your IP and start the IP warming process.

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